SPECIAL EVENTS. African Dinner Theater! Performances & Catering

Exuberant, Spellbinding Performances

OPH has enthralled global audiences with the passion, power, and beauty of West African performance. Our performances unite music, dance, and cuisine to immerse audiences in Africa's rich cultural heritage. We provide the artistic ambiance to transform spaces into dazzling African-inspired celebrations accompanied by dance, drums, and instrumental music. These exclusive events are by special request and invitation only.


Customized Menus

Our African Dinner Theater offers a unique dining experience in international cuisine with cultural entertainment! Choose from a customized menu of fresh, organic foods prepared to your specifications. Your guests will be transported into a festive environment to enjoy a feast of delicious artisanal cuisine and tropical flavors prepared by culinary artists while being entertained by master artists.

Exclusive Entertainment!

We specialize in producing entertainment by master artists highly skilled to perform in their cultural traditions with respect and authenticity. Bells, Balaphones, Djembes, Koras, Whistles, Horns, Trumpets, and Shakeres herald the musicians' and dancers' arrival. Cameroonian, Guinean, Ivoirian, Liberian, Malian, Senegalese, and Sierra Leonean artists arrive playing and dancing with joy and excitement!